Diet Programming:

In this 60-minute coaching session, we will determine the ideal diet for you. We use a detailed assessment to see how much food you need as well as what the best foods for your metabolic type are. We are the only personal training program to offer this service in Washington, D.C.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching:

This 50-minute session is designed as a check-in to help keep you accountable to your health, fitness, and diet commitments. We also introduce new tools into your program to keep your transformation interesting and keep you motivated. No other personal training service in Washington, D.C. delivers this type of detailed attention to your healthy lifestyle.

Supplement Recommendations:

Supplementations can be an overwhelming process in your health and fitness journey. With the saturation of products on the market, it is hard to sort out the "ineffective" from effective supplements. At Personal Training and Wellness we have the years of experience in determining what supplements are best for you. In addition we only recommend "Certified Therapeutic Grade" supplements to our clients with proven research for their safety and efficacy.