My 5 favorite "Ted Talks" on health and fitness

Are you a TED talk “junkie” like me? I have watched almost all of them, and have found the 5 BEST TED talks for fitness. I had to share these with you:


These talks are a little outside of the box and not your typical exercise and and fitness tips you might read in Men’s Health, SHAPE, or Oxygen. Nevertheless, if you watch these I guarantee they will change how you think about fitness, inspire you to do something you have never done, and most important help you get RESULTS!


Why it’s so hard to get out and exercise for some people.


Why HIIT Training is so damn effective!


Plant-Based diets that improve your health.


Mindful exercise: Learn how to control your body to control your mind.


Push the boundaries of your personal fitness


Watch them, share them, and use them. After your done let me know what you think? Share any questions or comments.


If you live in the Washington DC area and want to incorporate something you see in these videos into a real fitness program. Leave me a message on the contact page. Be sure to put TED talk in the subject line. I will set you up with a “comp” session with me so we can continue you this conversation.


In Wellness,

Warren “MrFit” Bloom