Liposuction: The NOT So Magic Bullet

I bet there’s been a time when you looked at yourself in the mirror before going to bed, and discretely measured the circumference of your waist. If only there was some sort of fast and easy way to get rid of those bits gathered there after years of eating unhealthy meals.
Then the thought occurs to you: why not do just a tiny amount of liposuction - no one will have to know, really. Plus, it’s much faster than signing up for a gym class, or ditching that late-night burrito you’ve gotten so used to.
Before you start Googling “plastic surgery insert city here”, let’s take a quick look at what liposuction will do to you, and whether it is truly the yellow brick road towards the perfect body.

Are you a candidate?
In order to even be eligible for the procedure, you need to check certain boxes. First and foremost, you need to be healthy overall, and the risk factors that apply to most plastic surgery procedures are also true of liposuction. If you are severely overweight, this is surely not the path for you. Also, your skin needs to be healthy and at least somewhat flexible, in order to be able to retain its former tightness post-op. If you meet the above requirements, you will most likely get through the procedure all right.

What can and can’t liposuction do for you?

After you’ve recovered, you’ll have noticed that you are indeed tinier. You may have dropped a size or two, and you feel somewhat better in your own skin. However, there are unforeseen glitches in the road. Those nasty ridges of cellulite have not been washed away as easily as you might have hoped. After all, that is not what lipo does. While you may be lighter, you still can’t lift your own weight, and walking up the stairs still requires some effort. Your muscles are still as weak, and playing sports still sounds a bit nightmarish. Was this the result you were hoping to achieve?

Your Lipo is as good as you eat

Here’s another interesting fact: before you go in for the procedure, and especially afterwards, you’ll have to tailor your diet if you want to see and keep your results. This will include cutting down on basically all the foods that have landed you in your particular predicament in the first place. No more late night McDonald’s, no more takeout every single night in front of the telly. Deviating from this plan will most likely cause you to gain all those pounds back. And you thought you were going to avoid upping your vegetable portions…

The truth about the silver bullet

Your excess weight is not an issue which can be fought on the operating table and not in the kitchen. If your goal is looking better, there is a simple way to achieve it - eat better, take better care of yourself, exercise better, and enjoy the results. You will have to do it even after lipo - why not skip the lipo, the pain, the scars and the expense, and start by changing your lifestyle.
Unlike liposuction, a healthy lifestyle has an added benefit, apart from making you look better poolside: you will live longer, healthier, be able to enjoy running around with your children, grandchildren, and your own self. There is not a single surgery invented thus far that will make you automatically feel better about yourself. That comes from your head. Instead of suctioning away fat, try to battle your negative thoughts just as vigorously, and see what happens.

The road to the operating table is paved with flashy commercials...

The truth is I completely understand why you think you need to go under the knife - it has become imperative to look like a model even at your worst, and what you are worth is becoming less important by the second. Humankind has invented about a billion ways to make ourselves more beautiful, and the people who are trying to sell you their products play into all your insecurities to make a sale faster. Hard work and effort have long since been replaced by an instant solution. Everything is instant, in reality: your coffee, your meal, and so can your appearance be. Let’s not forget the effort that does go into creating cutting edge beauty products, nonetheless. Even with all our innovation and forward thinking, we have somehow managed to turn ourselves into a generation of people lazy enough to choose pain over effort, and the risk of death over sweat.

A detour to perfection

There is of course a way to get what you want: it involves getting off the couch, into a gym (you don’t even need a gym), and moving. All you need is a moderate amount of exercise to see results very soon. To that, add a healthy and balanced diet - you don’t need to swear off anything completely, just make sure you eat better than you do now. If you want to fast track your efforts, try adding supplements such as Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, to the aforementioned healthy way of feeding yourself, and you are well on your way to looking, feeling, and being better.

Discover a new approach to personal training in Washington, DC that will transform the way you think about fitness. Don’t fall for the marketing - even if you are not the poster boy/girl of fitness, there is not much wrong with you. All you lack is a tiny bit of motivation to get you started, and after you fall into the habit of being healthy, you will willingly start to compete both with yourself, and the world’s take on what it means to look your best.


Written by:Samantha Olivier

Samantha has a B.Sc. in nutrition, and has spent two years working as a personal trainer. Since then, she has embarked on a mission to conquer the blogosphere. When not in the gym or on the track, you can find her on Twitter, or in a tea shop. She blogs over at

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