What's Your Fitness Plan For Planning Your Wedding?

Whether you are self planning your wedding or hiring an event plannerwedding planning can be stressful. From dress shopping to cake tasting to venue selection , planning for a wedding requires a lot of time and decision making that could bring on frustration. There are many lists and forms out there to use as a guiding tool directing you to what to do and when to do it, but there is a common task that I have noticed is usually not mentioned on most of the to-do list: EXERCISE.

Several studies have shown that exercises can significantly reduces stress and anxiety. During physical activities your body produces Endorphins, a natural painkiller chemical in the brain, which also aids in sleeping. Not only does exercising reduce the amount of stress you feel in your day to day planning activities but it also will benefit you in looking and feeling extremely beautiful and amazing in your gown, tuxedo or that honeymoon skimpy clothing. So much time and effort goes into the Big Day itself that most people forget to invest some time and effort in themselves as well. I usually get asked the question of “When to start exercising for my wedding” and I always answer with “the earlier the better”.

Because we are all built differently, not all dresses are made equally so when choosing the perfect dress or tuxedo one thing to consider will be your body shape. Every bride and groom wants to be the epitome of perfection in their attire;the ultimate goal is to be healthier, accentuate your body figure and look amazing. Whether it’s an halter-top style, open-back style, peek-a-boo style dress or trimmed waist and broad shoulders for tuxedo, looking your best on your wedding day is amongst top priority for most soon-to-be’s. So why would you not give your effort and attention to yourself to make that happen? Here are6 Benefits of exercising for your wedding:

    1. Controls weight

    2. Reduces health risks and conditions

    3. Improves your mood

    4. Improves sleep

    5. Improves your body image and self-esteem

    6. Looking amazing in your skimpy Honeymoon/Lingerie/Swimsuit

Alternatively, using your wedding day as motivation to get in shape is a way to also physically change your body and boost your fitness level. Overall improvement of posture for both bride and groom is a good way to enhance their look, however, here are some specific pointers on what muscles to focus depending on style of dress:

    1. Brides with strapless gown should focus their exercise on the shouldersbiceps, and triceps

    2. Brides with backless gown should focus their exercise on core and back muscles such as Latissimus dorsi muscle

    3. Brides with short dresses should focus their exercise on legs and calves.

WeddingShape Fitness program is a program designed especially for soon-to-be Mr.’s and Mrs.’. With structured and specific workout routine developed for the best results, each bride or groom will achieve the tone arm, flat abs, sculpted back, etc, they aim for. Along with a well-structured workout routine, a healthy and holistic meal plan is a must to adhere to for ultimate results. With such a result oriented program, a 180-degree transformation is noticed and the willingness to push harder increases. On most occasions, exercising becomes the norm causing the fitness journey to continue beyond the wedding day; it becomes a maintainable lifestyle.

So whatever you plan and intend on doing in regards to your wedding day and whatever checklist you choose to employ, make sure that getting in shape for the big day is at the top of your checklist and is priority.


"Fitness begins in the mind and manifest through the body"---- LadyFit

Warren Bloom