What Does Steve Harvey, The Miss Universe Pageant And Your Fitness Goal Have In Common?

I'm sure you have heard about the slight mishap that occurred Sunday night at the NBC's Miss Universe pageant by the host, Steve Harvey. I was in the gym last night and heard everyone's comment and concerns about it and it got me thinking about how many of us make mistakes over and over again. Sometimes we don't face our mistakes, thus creating habits that don't allow us to our best.

When we accept our mistakes and adjust those habits, we are taking charge of the situation and our life. As a personal trainer, I have heard all types of reason as to why people are not where they want to be in their fitness. I always tell them to simply adjust and take charge of their health. As simple as that!

The more you keep pondering on your mistakes, the more time you are wasting where you could be correcting it instead. Now, If you know you are among the many with such mistakes and you know you can do better in the New Year, I have a few step for you to take:

3 steps to take for a better New Year

1) Realize your mistake(s)

2) Take responsibility for it

3) Correct it and move forward

Whether it's a mistake for Miss Universe Pageant or a more personal one like cheating on your diet or oversleeping for a workout. No one is perfect and we all stumble at times, it's fine. Honestly. So as #SteveHarvey did, take responsibility and make the error right! Begin a better YOU in the #NewYear and let us help you improve your health and fitness.

Now, if your serious about your fitness goals in 2016 and want to make any health and fitness mistakes your made in 2015 right, fill out a contact form on our website.

Put "#SteveHarvey" in the subject line and let me know you top 3 fitness goals for the New Year. I will send you the details for our "New Year Revolution" weight loss and get in shape program.


Have a great holiday,

Warren "MrFit" Bloom

Warren Bloom