Learn How To Make The Season Exciting:--Shopping For Unique Holiday Fitness Gifts In Georgetown

Despite hard times, people still believe in the holiday spirit of cheer and giving the gift of warmth. Being able to give someone even a little something for the Holidays can make you happy. However, it can be quite difficult to think of what gifts to give to the people you hold dear. Besides, you do not want your presents to be boring and monotonous. If you hate receiving picture frames or pens every year, then your family and friends probably don't want the same stuff. So to make the season more exciting and special, it would be a great idea to come up with a unique holiday gift for the people you love.

Since you are a “fitness person” this is a great time to share your passion for health and fitness with the people you love and probably already associate you with fitness.

Now, don’t make “fitness enrollment” the main goal.

Christmas is a time of giving not lecturing. So no scales, workout equipment, or diets books. Frankly, those are just as “boring” as a pen or the million paper weights you have accumulated over the years. Those types of gifts can also be seen as offensive, and people might not receive them as you intend it. What I am talking about is a fun fitness and wellness gift that captures the “fitness lifestyle”.

The best to do this is to first think about the rewards you as a “fitness person” give yourself for your fitness efforts like a massage, acupuncture, or a spa day. A gift certificate to some local places in Georgetown like AvedaSalon leau, or Georgetown Massage and Bodywork is a great go-to item that is simple and will be greatly appreciated. Especially if the person you are buying for has never experienced something like this.

Another good idea is a pass to one of the hottest fitness classes in Georgetown like MRTSOULCYCLE, or Yoga Del Sol. Keep in mind that not all fitness classes are for everyone, so find something that compliments the personality of the person you are buy for. If the person you are buying for is more introverted, a “loud-pumping” high energy class like SoulCycle may not be ideal for them. Or let’s say your giftee is a fitness beginner, a more focused and hands-on class like MRT would be best for them.

One-on-one personal training is a great gift that compliments many people’s goal of New Year fitness commitment. Especially for people who have never done personal training before. The biggest benefit I see is it gives people a chance to really see the benefit of personal fitness training RISK FREE! For the family member, friend, or coworker who is always talking about losing weight and getting into shape but, as small personal training package of 5 sessions might be the motivation to at least get them in the gym. Whatever may be holding them back from taking the action to get fit, this gift could be the thing gets them on the right track of health and fitness

(* I am running an extra special personal training deal in Georgetown for the holiday. Just fill out a contact form on my website and mention this blog post in the subject and I will respond promptly with all the details so you can take advantage of the limited offer.)

I know some of you may be thinking, “What do I do if the people I am buying for are fitness people and they already have this stuff?

In this case, I say you can make the gift more special for them by going to the activity with them. After you give them the gift, make it a date! The experience will make the gift even more unique as well as create an experience or story that you can enjoy forever.

Finally, fitness products are good gifts too. Just make sure it is something that they can enjoy for a long time. Things like alululemon yoga mat and strap, or a good gym bag are solid go to fitness gift items. I know for some of you fitness clothing may be at the top of your mind. While that can make a great gift, active-wear tends to have a lot of sizing variables. Fitness clothing companies all fit very differently, so a person's usual size will not be their size in active-wear. To avoid getting gifts that may not fit well I would only suggest gym clothes if you are 100% sure of their size. But if you really want to get them active-wear, then may I suggest a gift certificate to places like lululemon, Athleta, or Nike Georgetown.

If you use these simple tips over the next week when doing your Christmas shopping. I am sure you will get a great gift for someone as well as share your passion for health and fitness in an authentic way.

Happy Holidays,

Warren “MrFit” Bloom

Warren Bloom